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Aerial Photography in Atlanta, GA

Aerial Photography in Atlanta

Best Aerial Photography in Atlanta, GA

Technology has advanced so dramatically over the years.  We have seen photography drastically change as well.  We are no longer using film, and now we can have our cameras fly around the sky and capture things we couldn’t see before.  Cloud9 Aerial Photography in Atlanta, GA is taking this transition to the next level by using aerial drones that can capture any picture or video high in the air.  


Today, drone technology has become very useful in commercial and residential real estate photography because it can capture a full view of a building or piece of land, providing an overall view with magnificent detail.  In the past, these photos were taken with a helicopter or airplane and, because of possible wind turbulence, these photos could only be taken with a steady hand and top notch photography equipment.  Drone photographers now have amazing technology to work with.  It is truly amazing!

Atlanta's Top Aerial Photography Services

Using GPS stabilized drones that feature 3-way gimbals which steady the camera in an unbelievable way, Cloud9 Aerial Photography provides the sharpest drone photography services in Atlanta.  This astonishing technology will help to ensure that the details in the photographs are crisp and clear at any time of the day.  Our aerial photography business aims to make sure that your photos exceed your expectations and show off the natural beauty of your structure or land.  


We have an FAA 333 Exemption and are commercially insured, so the sky’s the limit (literally) when it comes to taking high caliber aerial photos in Atlanta.  Cloud9 Aerial Photography offers superior quality still photos and videos for a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • commercial real estate photography

  • residential real estate photography

  • construction photography

  • sporting event photography

  • music event photography

  • wedding photography

  • and more!

Aerial Real Estate Photographers in Atlanta, GA

Drones and aerial photography services are cutting edge real estate marketing tools that are surprisingly affordable.  Make your properties stand out amidst the competitive real estate market by highlighting all of the great features and details from a bird’s eye view.  Our aerial real estate photography services will really catch the eye of prospective buyers by capturing all of the vivid details of each residential or commercial property as a whole.  Show off the size of the structure and lot and give potential buyers a much more comprehensive picture of what could possibly be their next home or business.  


An unmanned aircraft system has the capability of capturing footage of properties with vast amounts of land and incredible views.  Elevated shots that were previously unreachable will help to elevate your ability to highlight the unique selling points of a property and its surroundings. Medium aerial shots will show off all of the angles of the property, its features, and property lines and low elevated shots will give a unique angle that typical photography cannot offer. Cloud9 Aerial Photography in Atlanta, GA will provide you with still photographs or videos that will help your properties stand out above the rest.  Give us a call to discuss our real estate photography services today!

Drone Photography Services for Events in Atlanta, GA

Capture the thrill of any event with our state of the art aerial photography services.  From aerial views of sporting events like 5K races, football games, soccer games, and baseball games to outdoor concerts, we will fly above the event and grab the most phenomenal aerial drone photos so you can preserve the excitement of each event.  We provide video production for all of our services at very competitive drone photography rates so you can go back and relive these exciting events over and over again.  We will help you promote your event with stunning perspectives and shots that will be sure to get people excited.  


If you are planning a wedding and are looking for different ways to capture all of the memories, we offer wedding photography services in Atlanta as well.  We will take stunning aerial shots of your ceremony and reception locations to help preserve one of the happiest days of your life.  If you’re looking for a new, fresh, and innovative take on wedding photography, drones are the way to go!  Contact Cloud9 Aerial Photography for all of your event photography needs.

Professional Aerial Photography Services in Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for high quality, professional aerial drone photography to help market your company or real estate listings in Atlanta, GA then you have come to the right place.  Cloud9 Aerial Photography has years of experience with drone technology.  We have worked closely with many realtors and business owners all over Atlanta as well as Destin, Florida to help give new perspectives and views of many different types of properties.  Whether you need still photographs of the interior of a small home or professionally edited video footage of a large commercial property, we are ready to take on your project!  Take a look at our portfolio and give us a call today!

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